Après deux mois de confinement, les visières offrent le soulagement
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Making protective visors for health staff in the French countryside

We delivered our 257th protective visor today to health service staff in the southern Dordogne, helping them in their fight against Covid-19.

The visors are made from polypropylene and are made using tools such as craft knives, a battery powered drill and an apparent limitless supply of donated cable ties in a workshop with French and English.

The idea for the project came from former UK Design and Technology teacher, Carol Miers, who had read about what UK teachers were doing by returning to schools and making personal protective equipment to help support frontline workers.

Carol decided to see if she could help here and we worked out who to contact in the local medical service and it took off from there.

Medical friends spoke of their fears and worries about catching or spreading the disease to the people they cared for, especially those working as aide soignantes and nurses. More recently teachers and other public workers have contacted us.

Carol was able to find plans on instructables.com left by a head of department for a version that could also be make by hand and we moved into production.

A small workshop was found in the local village of Villefranche-du-Périgord, in the Dordogne, and the wood worker and artist Jean-Marie Buisset immediately began collaborating by helping in cutting and preparing the plastic sheets.

Soon we became a small team.

We started a website to get the word out to health workers who might need our visors, as well as a setting up a donation page as the visors are given, but we have no source for materials and have bought the plastic sheets ourselves.

To continue we need either to raise funds or have donations of 0.8mm sheets polypropylene opaque and 0.5mm transparent or similar and a laser cutter would increase our rate of production.

In spite of these constraints in around three weeks we have been able to provide protective visors to many health staff including those in the care homes around this corner of South West France.

But also doctors and specialists in local health centres, district nurses and home help staff have received visors, all of whom are in regular contact with people throughout the day.

And whilst our effort is very much appreciated, it is tiny compared to what health workers and the people they help must be going through during this time.


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